Native Trees and Plants for Sale by LEIC-BSC

leicLEIC-BSC will again be offering a fundraising effort to plant native trees throughout the islands. As in the past, we are using Riverside Native Tree and Nursery and Naturally Native Nursery for our native tree and plant sale. This is a great way to provide quality habitat for the birds, butterflies, moths and other wildlife on the islands. We are promoting the planting of native trees and shrubs because our native animals are adapted to feeding on these plants and using them for shelter. Our native animals are not adapted to using non-native ornamental species of plants thus they do not provide anything usable to wildlife. By planting native species you are making your land more attractive to birds, bees, butterflies, moths and a host of other desirable species. This fundraiser will be used to support the LEIC-BSC land preservation and restoration programs!

Click on the PDF file link for details and an order form:  LEIC-BSC Order Form Final 2015

Idyllic View Prompts Reflection

idyllicNatural transition on the island offers renewal, but it comes with a serious shift in our sense of being, and it calls for adaptation.  We leave behind the stark firmness of bare trees, the illusory permanence of lake ice, and the hard face of below-freezing temperatures.  In their place we sense an approaching moderation created by healing humidity and new rays of warmth.  As we acknowledge the increase in daylight hours with new priorities and objectives, and recognize some lethargy may have set in, we look hesitantly from tranquility to accelerated engagement.  The new context generates, nay insists upon, a new outlook.  Resistance is futile; embrace is the answer.  The journey evolves with meaning, and island life meets again with fruition.