Observe Solar Eclipse Safely

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Image courtesy of Camilla Corona
Image courtesy of Camilla Corona

South Bass Island resident and official astronomy ambassador Gene Zajac offers the following:

“The partial solar eclipse begins at 5:50 pm and ends at sunset, around 6:40 pm.  As the sun nears the  horizon, the moon will increase in blocking the sun.  Remember, it is never safe to look directly at the sun.  Specially made eclipse glasses and binoculars with safe filters between the sun and the binoculars are safe ways to see the eclipse.  I will have safe viewers at the State park to see the sun set into the lake.  Since it is heading into dusk during the eclipse, there will not be a noticeable darkening of the sky.  Only a s mall portion of the sun will be blocked by the moon.  Do not look at the sun without safe filters!

More information is available from the NASA official solar eclipse website.

Gloomy Weather Prompts Resale Shop Specials!

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Put in Bay Resale ShopCourtesy of Linda Parker:

“Okay guys yesterday was awful gloomy today’s gloomy so Kendra is making deals and steals down at the resale shop today between 11 and five. All you on put in Bay today go down and say hi to her you know how she likes to talk and talk and talk. But she’ll make you some real good deals! Please share this if you on put in Bay. Thank you and the museum thank you also.”

Wharfside / Topsy Turvey’s Open for Business

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Lake Erie Love


Looking for some “LAKE ERIE LOVE?” Look no further!

Wharfside is open daily in October and on weekends in November.