Garden Club Supports Island Conservation

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Please consider joining the Put-in-Bay Garden Club on Thursdays from 10 am until noon to clean up and maintain the beautiful public beach next to the Perry Monument.  This endeavor will continue through September.  See you there!

Put in Bay beach

Toledo Symphony Returns September 6th to Put-in-Bay

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Toledo Symphony Put-in-Bay “Friends of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial”, better known as the “Perry Group” is the official National Park Service registered support group for our monument and it’s mission here in Put-in-Bay.

Many years ago we were one of the first non-profit groups in Ohio to get a special license plate designed and issued by the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles. Every time you see a car with the Monument on the plate that person is helping us to provide support to our NPS site here in Put-in-Bay.

Over the past 25+ years the Perry Group helped raise funds to build the visitor center, underwrite the Dean Mosher paintings hanging there, secure artifacts, publish Gerard Altoff’s books, and even build “Perry’s Longboat” all with your help. Annually we are often asked to provide support for events, re-enactors, rentals, and music.

One of the most delightful parts of our summer is bringing the renowned Toledo Symphony to the island. The Toledo Symphony has recorded and performed with great musicians like Vladimir Ashkenazy, Isaac Stern, Aaron Copland, and Itzhak Perlman, and has even performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  Last year during our Bicentennial Celebration scheduling precluded us from inviting the full symphony to perform so that the time and attention of historic Saturday’s events could be focused on Park Canada’s amazing “Tattoo” performance.  We engaged a small Toledo Symphony ensemble to play after the Tattoo as our Harbor Illumination was being set up. They delivered a beautiful performance. Our regular contact at the Toledo Symphony over the years has been Sandra Clark. Sandra had always made sure that we had the best event possible with top musicians and a great conductor making the journey to the island to play.  She asked that when we brought the Symphony back in 2014 that they be able to play once again on the plaza at the monument. This is a wonderful tradition that dates back well over a decade here on Historic Weekend. We have requested this for 2014. Sadly Sandra unexpectedly passed away two weeks ago without being able to return with the Symphony.

So that makes this quite a special year for us at the Perry Group as we remember our friend Sandra while presenting the Toledo Symphony once again here at Perry’s Victory.
So come help us continue to commemorate the War of 1812. This 200th anniversary year (1814) will be remembered for the noted famous poem “The Defense of Fort McHenry” written by Francis Scott Key. Of course we now know it as “The Star Spangled Banner”.

This year the symphony will perform a special concert dedicated to the writing of the poem and celebrating the remembrance of the battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore that gave us the lyrics to our most cherished anthem.  Join us Saturday September 6th at 6pm for the triumphant return of the Toledo Symphony Orchestra and their special tribute to Francis Scott Key and the music that America loves to hear at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial (or at the Niagara Center if it rains).

Get involved, you can be join the Perry Group for as little as $20 at

[Content provided courtesy of the Perry Group]

Village Meeting Schedules Announced

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Village Council
Council of the Village of Put-in-Bay
Monday, August 18, 2014
Village Town Hall

The Mayor of the Village of Put-in-Bay has called a Special Meeting to discuss and take action on the dock project costs and updates.

Village Council
Council of the Village of Put-in-Bay
Monday, August 18, 2014
Village Town Hall

Council members Myers, Bodenbender and Market of the Village of Put-in-Bay have called a Special Meeting to discuss and amend Sound Ordinance 1099-14, AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 648 OF THE CODIFIED ORDINANCES OF THE VILLAGE BY AMENDING SECTION 648.101 AND AMENDING SECTION 648.11 AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY
No other items will be discussed.

Thursday, September 4, 2014
Village Town Hall

All are welcome. An open forum will take place to discuss public safety.

Joy R. Cooper
Fiscal Officer
Village of Put-in-Bay
ph. 419-285-4313
fx. 419-285-5318

Arts Council Updates Movie Presentations for August and September

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We have switched our August 26 movie from Shrek to Mrs Doubtfire due to booking conflicts and dates.  Put-in-Bay Arts Council will show Shrek on September 7 at sundown in De Rivera park.

Put-in-Bay School 2014-2015 Focus on “Learning to Leadership”

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September, 2014

School News – by Steve Poe, Superintendent

In preparation for a new school year, the summer months gave us an opportunity to do some “spring cleaning” and maintenance at the school. The following is a list of some of the tasks we completed over the summer: replaced four office windows; installed heating/A.C. units in offices and room 124; built shelves in student council storage room; installed cabinets and countertops in French room; replaced the original stove in the kitchen; cleaned all vents, fans and windows in the gymnasium; installed electric hand dryers in the gym restrooms and motion lights in the locker rooms; replaced broken fence and gates around the playground; installed an extra wide door to the music room; replaced all cracked floor tiles; poured needed concrete at corner of Catawba and Concord sidewalk; painted offices, rooms and hallways where needed; repaired sink fixtures in pre-kindergarten and art rooms; installed a new office security window; cleaned all carpets/waxed all tiles; and replaced damaged ceiling tiles and repaired the numerous roof leaks that were exposed from our brutal winter and rainy summer.

This year’s motto is, “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow,” and we look forward to another successful school year. For a school and community our size, our students have many opportunities to find success. The following are some of the clubs, sports, and activities available to our students: Academic Challenge, Music Performances, Post Secondary Educational Option Courses, Computer Club, Fishing, Archery, Cross-Country, Basketball, Student Government, Environmental Club, Community Service Work, Yearbook, Science Olympiad, Murder Mystery, Robotics, and Put-in-Bay Arts Council Drama Performances.

Parents are encouraged to attend the Put-in-Bay School Open House on Wednesday, September 10th from 3:15 to 4:30. This is an opportunity to meet the teachers and hear about the academic goals for the year. Refreshments will be provided, along with free babysitting.

Here are some important dates to consider when making appointments and travel plans this coming year:

August 27 – First Day of School for Students
September 1 Labor Day – No School
October 20 Appointment Day – No School
November 26-28 Thanksgiving Break – No School
December 19 Early Dismissal
December 20 – Jan 4 Christmas Break – No School
February 20 Early Dismissal
February 21-March 1 Winter Break – No School
April 3 Early Dismissal
April 4-7 Easter Break – No School
May 22 Early Dismissal
May 23-25 Memorial Day Weekend – No School
June 4 Early Dismissal (Last Day of School)
June 5 Graduation

The dates for Picture Day, Evacuation and Lockdown Drills, and Health Department Screenings scheduled for September were not available when this article was submitted, but will be made available to parents by the second week of school. Don’t forget to check our website,, for the latest school announcements. And again this year, we will be utilizing our “School Reach” system to notify parents of important announcements and school closings.