Celebrate World Labyrinth Day at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on South Bass Island


The labyrinth at St. Paul’s  is an archetype, a divine imprint, found in religious traditions in various forms around the world. The one located at St Paul’s Put-in-Bay is a replica of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France.   This labyrinth was placed in the floor of the cathedral about 1220.  It was brought back into use and incorporated into the spiritual life of Grace Episcopal Cathedral in San Francisco in the 1980s.

The labyrinth has only one path so there are no tricks to it and no dead ends. The path winds throughout and has been described as a mirror or a metaphor for where we are in our lives. For many, the labyrinth touches our sorrows and releases our joys; walk with an open mind and an open heart.

Make a commitment to participate on Saturday, 4 May 2013, for the fifth annual World Labyrinth Day.  Join hundreds of people around the world who will be walking labyrinths.

“Walk as One at 1”

People are encouraged to have the main labyrinth walk of the day at 1 pm in every time zone to create a wave of labyrinth walking around our planet as it turns in space.  There can be great power for good manifested in this effort of unity.

The World Wide Labyrinth Locator, an online database, lists over 4000 labyrinths around the world.