Historical Flag of the United States Available from the American Legion, Post 542

star15_flagFifteen Star U.S. Flag, 1795 ~ 1818

This 15 star, 15 stripe Flag was authorized by the Flag Act of January 13, 1794, and became the Official United States Flag on May 1st, 1795. Two stripes and two Stars were added for the admission of Vermont (the 14th State on March 4th, 1791) and Kentucky (the 15th State on June 1st, 1792) and was to last for 23 years, until April 12th, 1818. This flag is the only U.S. Flag to have more than 13 stripes.

During the bombardment of Fort McHenry on September 13, 1814, Francis Scott Key was inspired by the sight of this Flag flying over the Fort to write the song which became known as “The Star Spangled Banner”, now our national anthem. The 15 Star Flag is, itself, affectionately known by the same name.

The five Presidents who served under this flag were; George Washington (1789-1797), John Adams (1797-1801), Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809), James Madison (1809-1817), and James Monroe (1817-1825).

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