Celebrate Summer on South Bass Island


  “Here’s to a good summer!  Another year at the (enter your favorite social place here).”  These words will have echoed into the past as we find ourselves beyond the celebrations of Memorial Day weekend  and looking toward the full blossom of summer (July 4th).  Meanwhile, what are we to make of life on this idyllic isle?

     The answer is CELEBRATE!  An amazing array of things to see and do creates an unparalleled matrix of enjoyment for all.  Consider the following island features as you contemplate what to experience:

     The Nature and Wildlife Center is a wonderful place to learn about conservation of the flora, fauna, and lands of the Lake Erie Islands ecosystem.  Do not overlook the pond and nature trail behind the center!

     The South Bass Island State Park is one of the most popular natural spaces frequented by visitors and residents alike.  Whether for camping, fishing, picnics, riding a jet-ski, or swimming, the State Park is bound to put joy in your day.

     Ohio State’s Stone Lab remains an exceptional location for those interested in aquatics.  From Peach Point to Gibraltar, visitors can relish a hands-on look at Lake Erie’s natural resources.

     Taking the Middle Bass Ferry, Sonny-S, to Middle Bass Island is another way to expand one’s appreciation for island life.  The boat ride, bicycle tour, and lunch break will generate a healthy and satisfying excursion.  Be sure to see the old school house, now restored to its original color.

     Another favorite setting on South Bass is East Point, where the accessible shoreline permits an unobstructed view to Middle Island, Canada’s southern-most point.  At low-water, a stroll to Buckeye Island is a fun adventure for Geocachers winding their way through the Scheef Nature Preserve trail.

     If one chooses not to rent a golf cart or bicycle, there is more than enough to absorb while visiting Put-in-Bay Village.  DeRivera Park, between the docks and Delaware Street, is a superb place to spend a lazy afternoon with a good book or a group of friends before making plans for the evening’s night-life.

     Almost too obvious to mention, the Perry Victory and International Peace Memorial has much to offer in the way of historical interpretation.  This year, in particular, the National Park Service has the honor of celebrating Oliver Hazard Perry’s memorable victory during the War of 1812.  Allow time for a tour of the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society‘s museum behind the Town Hall, too!  A great collection of island memorabilia awaits every visitor.

     South Bass Island’s Catholic and Episcopal churches invite everyone to learn about the Christian heritage on the island.  Both congregations have unique structures, and at St. Paul’s one can walk a labyrinth!

     Before focusing on the special events this summer, visit South Bass Island Lighthouse.

     Latitude:  N 41°37.75’

     Longitude:  W 082°50.45’

There you will have a terrific view of the South Passage–a shipping route guarded by the light since 1897.  As you return to town, passing the LimeKiln dock where the Miller Boat Line runs, keep an eye out for helicopter and bi-plane rides departing from the Put-in-Bay Airport (3W2).  In late August the Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunion will celebrate the island’s legendary racing history at the airport.

Celebrate summer at Put-in-Bay!