Air Force Super Car Arrives on South Bass Island


The all white Mustang X-1 is laid out with a full jet cockpit complete with an actual flight control stick used to shift. This may prove a bit tricky with a nitrogen-fed V8 engine capable of over 500 hp at your command. Behind the seat is a custom A/C unit that get O2 via two NACA ducts located in the rear window slots. The car has a custom wide-body kit that pushes out all four corners. The rear track was widened a full foot to make room for a staggered wheel set that accomodates the fatest tires on the market. The interior is constructed with off-white metal sheeting throughout. No Alcantera uphostery in this bad boy.

The Dodge Challenger Vapor takes a different approach and features an all black matte finish designed to create a stealth bomber affect. Everything is black except for the headlights and tail lamps. Even the wheels are completely covered. Inside, there is an infrared thermal imaging system paired with a heads-up display running the length of the windshield. This car also features a jet cockpit with three large LCD screens and switches to run with just two mufflers in whisper quiet mode.  [Source:  U.S. Air Force]