Latest PiB Road Races Reunion Schedule Released


 Monday: August 26

All Day          Spectators and Participants begin arriving

                        Race Paddock Open ~ Participant Camping Permitted

6:30 am – 7:30 pm               Miller Ferry Services

                                  Boats leave Catawba every half hour

5:00 ~ 7:30 pm      Registration: Location: Anchor Inn’s Wee Cottage

                                  500 Catawba Ave.

Tuesday: August 27

 8:30 am – 5:30 pm     Registration @ Anchor Inn’s Wee Cottage

 9:00 am            All participants at Village Hall (Pass required)              

                            Slides, Coffee, Island Sweets, & refreshments

 9:30 am            All participants meeting for island rules & regs

 9:45 to              PIB Then and Now

11:45 am          Jack Woehrle, Chris Kintner, Carol and Robin

                           Clemens:  Photos & History presentations

 12 Noon           Lake Erie Islands Museum: Original P.I.B. movies

 12:00 am – 1:00 pm  ~  Lunch Break ~ on your own

 1:15 pm            Opening Ceremonies: Miller Start / Finish Stone

                            Annie Parker & Island Notables

 2:00 pm            “Recollections Round Table” History Seminar

                            P.I.B.  Yacht Club: Refreshments (pass required)

 3:30 pm            Lake Erie Islands Museum: Original P.I.B. movies

                            2nd showing. (By request)

 3:30 – 5:00 pm        Race Car Tech Inspection: at airport                                   

 4:45 pm            Stage Cars on Bay View Ave

 5:00 pm            Event Cars Parade of Old Course ~ 2 Laps

                            Registered Cars Only ~ arm bands required

 5:30 pm            Race Course Open for Walking

 6:30 pm            Racing Drivers Meeting:  @  Airport Blue/white

                            Terminal Hanger

 7:00 pm       WELCOME PARTY (pass required)

                     A magical garden cocktail & social time

  • Recognize Sponsors & Awards 
  • Legal beverages & Snacks

Wednesday: August 28

      7:30 – 9:00 am    Late Race Registration and Tech at Airport

      9:00 am ~ 12:00 noon Racing Activities: Airport

                                (See separate Racing Schedule)

      12 noon ~ 1 pm      Lunch & Track Touring at Airport

 All registered event cars may participate in Track Touring

Unregistered cars may purchase a Touring Pass for $25.00

      1:00 pm           Resume Racing Activities

      6:00 pm           Race Course Closed

      5:30pm      Old Course Stone dedication: Turn # 2

      7:15 pm           Turn 4 ~ Party & Picnic at Joe’s Bar

                                 Food,  & awards   (pass required)

      7:30 pm     Island Cars Wave Parade past party, park and  participate.


Thursday: August 29

8:00am        Car Show: Across from Bay Shore Hotel.

(Registration and set-up)

9:00 am – Rocker cover Races & MG Games at car show site.

9:30 am       Car Show Opens

10:30 am    Deadline for turning in Island Rally sheets

 at car show registration table

11:45 am    Lake Erie Islands Museum: Original movies

 Final showing.

12:30 pm    Car Show closes

                      Line up at Bay View Ave., De Rivera Park

                      Car Show and P.I.B. entrants Full Course

                      Parade w/Flag Marshalls (arm bands required)

2:15 pm       Event LUNCH and Closing Ceremonies

                      Announcing of the Paul Henry Award

                      Car Show Awards  (pass required)

                      THE BOARDWALK   (Upper Deck)