Perry’s Victory Promotes Reflection and Celebration


At the end of August the Bass Islands will become a focal point in the re-telling of American history.  The aura of heroism and the spirit of victory will abound.  Celebrations honoring character, fortitude, and leadership will resonate across land and sea.  The long-standing peace between Canada and the United States will be championed as the honorable legacy of military conflict.

The respect and pride associated with the Bicentennial of Perry’s Victory are noteworthy and appropriate commemorations.  They are triumphant moments of local, national, and personal significance, and we all should set aside a time to reflect upon and cherish our connections to cornerstones of American heritage.

Amidst the fanfare, however, there will be mundane, ordinary experiences also worthy of celebration.  No matter how much the spotlight illuminates the historical, it will be prudent to remain conscious of the special well-being arising from time shared with friends and family.  Such things as walking along the waterfront, having a picnic at the state park, bicycling out to the East Point Nature Preserve, or taking a break from a busy day to enjoy some ice cream will become discrete essentials to joyous memories of summer 2013.

Not long after the re-enactment ships have sailed over the horizon, and soon after the Labor Day Weekend turns into September, the most spectacular feelings will come from the personal treasures discovered or re-discovered.  Moments of serenity or of laughter will prove to be the capstones of your Put-in-Bay days.

Friendly banter with JR at the Post Office; a special “thank you” to the captains and deckhands aboard the ferries; patience while in line at the General Store; a polite acknowledgement to the boater who gives you the right of way; a cheerful “Hi!” as you receive service in a restaurant or at a golf cart rental; attentive respect for the police officers upholding our community standards; a bonus for the house-keeping staff who prepared diligently for your overnight stay–these are the little victories that will carry the day.  Remember them and your 2013 Bicentennial Celebration will become significantly more than a historical footnote.