St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Rings Bell to Honor 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Speech

StPaulsBell_PiB“Let Freedom Ring” a half-century to the minute after Dr. King delivered his historic address. Throughout the country, there were bell-ringing ceremonies at 3:00 pm.   Dr. King concluded his speech with a call to “Let freedom ring.”  St. Paul’s joined 100’s of  churches to mark the 50th anniversary of the well-known “I Have a Dream” speech.  St. Paul’s bell was forged in 1870.  The Meneely Bell Foundry was established in West Troy in 1826 by Andrew Meneely. The outfit was one of the most famous producers of bells in the nation. Meneely bells went everywhere, and are still in use.

Photo and content courtesy of Rev. Mary Staley