Island Life Strengthens Mindset


Seasonal weeds shrivel in the woods; walnuts and buckeyes drop from above, summer cottagers relent and make the trip “home”; autumn chores loom on the horizon.

Change again beckons attention, whether to the comfort of familiar routines embedded in school days and harvest festivals, or to the anticipated but uncertain Lake Erie weather.  The Middle Bass Ferry (Sonny-S) is done for the year, and the Miller Boat Line has transitioned to its hourly schedule.  Soon, Griffing planes will become a more frequent mode of transportation.  For Bass Islanders especially, “island time” now expresses a revised outlook.

 From Senior Center to Tipper’s to Town Hall; from Middle Bass Volunteer Fire Department to Ohio State University’s Stone Lab; from General Store to Hardware Store to the Pit Stop; from Put-in-Bay Arts Council to our churches to the bank and school–island life will re-focus our mind-set.

 In short, the culture of life created and/or adopted by island residents will re-emerge with vigor and satisfaction.  No matter how successful or rewarding the summer season has been, the calendar year’s end promises a kindling anew of our value system.  Unlike mainland communities, where a plethora of distractions infiltrate priorities, “island time” promotes a healthy dose of introspection and regard for the essentials of communal living.

As ever, individual choices and societal norms will run their course, often creating conflict as much as harmony.  Nevertheless, as sure as the first frost is a sign winter is coming, so do the multi-colored autumn leaves propel us forward to the warmth of crackling fires, strengthened friendships, and thankfulness.  What some people might fear about the insular is our motivation to create a strong and purposeful existence.  Rejoice my friends; life is good on the islands.