Put-in-Bay Leads in High School Quiz Bowl Results

OAC LogoThe Seneca / Wyandot / Put-in-Bay / Sandusky High School Quiz Bowl League played its next round of matches October 15.  Calvert, Mohawk, and North Central Academy were the host schools as schools played teams within their division or across divisions.  

 In both the North Division and the South Division five of the six teams all had at least one win.  In the North Division Clyde, now 6-0, won all three of its matches.  Put-in-Bay’s only loss came at the Clyde team’s fingers on the buzzers.  Their record is 5-1.  North Division teams winning one match in Tuesday’s competition are Old Fort, 4-2; Fremont Ross, 4-1; and St. Joe’s, Fremont, 1-4, who got in the win column for the first time since they are back in the League.

In the South Division, New Riegel, 4-2, won its three matches.

Hopewell-Loudon played two matches and won them both, giving them a 5-0 record.  Mohawk, 4-2, won one match and Upper Sandusky, 1-4, and Fostoria, 1-5, both managed their first wins.

 In the Central Division, the wins weren’t spread as far.  Columbian and Seneca East, tied at 6-0, and Calvert, now 33, each won their three matches leaving two of the other three teams in the division at 0-6.  St. Wendelin is 2-4.

Put-in-Bay (North) leads the League in cumulative points followed closely by Columbian (Central) and Hopewell-Loudon (South), the two teams tied in cumulative average.  Clyde (North), Seneca East (Central) and New Riegel (South) are second by cumulative points in their respective divisions.

The final matches of the regular season will be played in November at Bridges Community Academy, Calvert, and North Central Academy. 

The combined scores from October are:

Calvert-Bettsville      185-70

Calvert-Bridges   100-55

Calvert-St. Wendelin    130-125

Clyde-North Central Academy   100-45

Clyde-Put-in-Bay  150-120

Clyde-Ross  185-50

Columbian-Bettsville    105-20

Columbian-Bridges 150-20

Columbian-St. Wendelin  155-75

Fostoria-Carey    100-35

Hopewell-Loudon-Fostoria      150-50

Hopewell-Loudon-Mohawk  185-35

Mohawk-Carey      65-60

New Riegel-Fostoria     85-80

New Riegel-Mohawk 160-80

New Riegel-Upper Sandusky     140-65

Old Fort-North Central Academy      125-0

Put-in-Bay-Old Fort     125-80

Put-in-Bay-St. Joseph Central Catholic    190-60

Ross-Old Fort     85-70

Seneca East-Bettsville  125-25

Seneca East-Bridges     155-40

Seneca East-St. Wendelin      100-80

St. Joseph Central Catholic-North Central Academy     120-60

Upper Sandusky-Carey    125-25


For more information, contact Sister Maureen Studer, League co-coordinator or Rhonda Garvey, the other League co-coordinator

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