Quiz Bowl League Reports Strong Academics in North-Central Ohio

OAC LogoThe final matches in the 18-team, three-division Seneca / Wyandot / Put-in-Bay / Sandusky High School Quiz Bowl League were played at Bridges Community Academy, Calvert High School, and North Central Academy, all in Tiffin, on November 15 and 19, makeup days after icy roads caused school delays on the scheduled match day.  Two teams who have not appeared in top spots for multiple years, New Riegel and Mohawk, will take home trophies this year.  Mohawk last appeared on the record sheet in 2005-2006 as runner-up in the tournament that year.  New Riegel was third place in the League that same year.

The top division winners, Clyde (8-1), North Division; Columbian (9-0), Central Division; and Hopewell-Loudon (8-0), South Division, by  their wins, have qualified for the Northwest regionals in April.  In the North Division, Put-in-Bay (7-1), their only loss coming from first place Clyde, will take home a second place division trophy for the second year in a row.  Ross, 5-2, a relative newcomer to the League, is the third place winner.  In the Central Division, Seneca East (7-1), a division winner and regional participant a year ago, is in second place after a loss to Columbian, and Calvert (4-4), under new coach, Christy Zender, is in third.  In the South Division, New Riegel and Mohawk, tied at 6-3, with New Riegel’s earlier win over Mohawk, are second and third respectively.

The top two winners of each of the six regionals across the state in April 2014 advance to the state championship in Columbus in May.  The three division winners, Clyde, Columbian, and Hopewell-Loudon are returnees to the regionals.  Columbian, with a double qualification as division winner and tournament champ, was a regional participant a year ago.  Clyde’s and Hopewell-Loudon’s last trip was in April 2011.  The next event for the League is the tournament in December to be held at the vacated Lincoln Elementary School building in Tiffin.

The combined scores from the November matches are:

Bettsville-Bridges Community Academy      80-20

Calvert-Mohawk    105-65

Carey-North Central Academy   55-40

Clyde-Carey 120-65

Clyde-Old Fort    130-40

Columbian-Calvert 115-50

Columbian-Fostoria      130-85

Columbian-Seneca East   250-75

Fostoria-Upper Sandusky 100-90

Hopewell-Loudon-Clyde   170-120

Hopewell-Loudon-North Central Academy     165-15

Hopewell-Loudon-Old Fort      130-70

Mohawk-Fostoria   95-75

Mohawk-Upper Sandusky   135-90

New Riegel-Carey  150-15

New Riegel-North Central Academy    110-30

Old Fort-New Riegel     130-60

Put-in-Bay-Ross   85-55

Put-in-Bay-St. Wendelin 125-65

Ross-St. Joseph Central Catholic    95-50

St. Joseph Central Catholic-Bettsville    110-20

St. Joseph Central Catholic-Bridges Community Academy 105-35

St. Wendelin-Bettsville 165-50

St. Wendelin-Bridges Community Academy    125–5

Seneca East-Upper Sandusky    105-95

League team records are as follows:

Bettsville, 1-8; Bridges, 0-9; Calvert, 4-4; Carey, 1-8; Clyde, 8-1; Columbian, 9-0; Fostoria, 2-7; Hopewell-Loudon, 8-0; Mohawk, 6-3; New Riegel, 6-3; North Central, 0-9; Old Fort, 5-4; Put-in-Bay, 7-1; Ross (Fremont), 5-2; Seneca East, 7-1; St. Joseph, 3-5; St. Wendelin, 4-5; Upper Sandusky, 1-7.

 For more information, contact Rhonda Garvey, League co-coordinator:

 NCOESC Gifted Education Supervisor

928 West Market Street, Suite A.

Tiffin, Ohio 44883