Jim Mitchell Wins Grand Prize in Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial Photo Contest

The Niagara Heads Home to Erie
The Niagara Heads Home to Erie

Mr. Mitchell described the photo opportunity for his winning image this way:

“Our sailboat was anchored in Schoolhouse Bay and we were in our dinghy on our way to MBIYC.  Water was like glass with a very light wind.  Taken between Ballast Island & Middle Bass 9/10/13 @ 6:13pm.”

Peter Huston, of the Perry Group, reports the photo competition was a tremendous success and released the results posted below.  He also stated, “Thanks to all who submitted photos. The official book that features all the winners is available for pre-sale and should be out by the end of the month.”  There will be an order form at www.theperrygroup.org, $35 plus $5 S&H.  Some of the honored photographs can be seen here!

Photo title description photographer positioning
Lighting the harbor Joan English French First Runner Up T
Fireworks at PIB as viewed from near the OSU PIB office. Photo is made with Nikon D5100 camera and is available in even higher resolution. John E. Rees First Runner Up T
Sailboats and Power Boats Lake Erie Battle I like how it showed the power boats supporting the fleet of tall ships going to battle. Kellie Kenniston Second Runner Up
Ominous Dawn Berni Steinbach Honor
We have met the enemy, and they are ours I took this photo during the battle reenactment on Labor Day. This picture really captures what happened during the battle and how intense the real battle was. I love this picture because it reminds me of where I come from and how unique this little town is. Jessica Krueger Honor
Packed Rigging Gloria Denos Honor
Peace In Port Jeremy J Griffore Honor
Tall Ships heading into battle. Sarah Gosche Honor
The Sorlandet and the Playfair Michael Gora Honor
Friends Good Will Norbert Stager Honor
“Toss Oars!” Donna Steinbach Honor
Perry’s Niagara Mark Holland Honor
Fireworks at the Monument Ron Garner Honor
US Navy Band John  E. Rees Honor
Perry aboard the Niagara after the  Battle Sarah Gosche Honor
The Niagara and her fellow battleships jockey for position to face the enemy. Rick White Honor
The Ohio State University Marching Band at Put-in-Bay. John E. Rees Honor
Buttery Home Illuminated Joan English French Honor
Awakening Berni Steinbach Honor
Tall Ships heading into battle Sarah Gosche Honor
The Pride of Baltimore fires at the enemy. Mary Wells Honor
Pride of Baltimore in the line of fire Marilyn Paselsky Honor
The Niagara Departing for Home in the Sunset on Sept. 10 Michael Gora Honor
The Pride of Baltimore and the Sorlandet Michael Gora Honor
Crossing the T Norbert Stager Honor
A Stroll in the Park Susan Byrnes Honor
The Pathfinder passing Perry’s Monument Michael Gora Honor
The Ohio State University Marching Band at Put-in-Bay. John E. Rees Honor