Put-in-Bay High School Seniors Make and Deliver Pizza

As a combination fund-raiser and community service, Put-in-Bay High School’s senior class creates tasty pizzas (baked and unbaked) for delivery to South Bass Island residents on this snowy Friday evening.  While the facilities are provided by Pasquale’s Restaurant, managed by Ty Winchester, the students purchased the ingredients and do all the preparation.  Proceeds from the sale will go toward the spring senior trip to the Eastern Caribbean.  The 2014 Senior Class includes seven students: Casey Ladd, Cody Porche, Madeline Pugh, Anna Rence, Zoltan Urge, Victoria Wertenbach, and Arthur Wolf.

Pizza boxes ready for transport to Pasquales
Pizza boxes ready for transport to Pasquales
Pasquales Put in Bay
Only closed on the outside!
Team Work
Boxes await!