Happy February . . . with Words of Wisdom

Weather and ice conditions around the Bass Islands remain changeable.  Captain Billy Market reminds us . . .

“If you are going out on the ice, and if you are NOT with someone who knows the “do and do nots,” I recommend that you do not go. Everyone talks about the “ice bridge.” It is NOT a “bridge”–just ask the owner of the white Land Rover sitting at the bottom of the lake 1/2 mile off the Catawba dock Friday morning. Let me just say, and I am far from an expert mind you, that where there was 8″ of ice one day, there may be only 4″ the next due to the currents. You can NOT just go anywhere you want at anytime! Be careful and stay safe.”

Put in Bay February
A mild view of Put-in-Bay on 1 February 2012