KaleidoscopeSouth Bass Island captures people’s attention for a broad range of reasons, but the opportunity to take interesting and fun photographs has to rank near the top of the list.  Charting your photographic course through the island is easy and it promises a good time with a valuable keepsake.  Aerial shots and photos taken from the Perry Monument or the upper deck of a Miller Ferry can preserve the aura of a particular setting; however, strolling, bicycling, or golf-carting around South Bass Island places the photographer in a more personal relationship with her context.  Five way-points in this journey present themselves for exploration.  Bon voyage!

(1) Put-in-Bay Village scenes command attention for their variety, energy, and occasional “in your face” poster.  If “life is in the details,” then point your camera toward Delaware Street.

Road Races PosterRoad Races

(2) Naturally, one of the biggest draws is Put-in-Bay (the water) itself.  Yachts, kayaks, and the Sonny-S ferry are sure to provide splendid subject matter, but there is more to notice on the waterfront!

Blue HeronChris Craft

(3) For wide-angle vistas or carefully framed images, place the South Bass Island State Park at the top of your itinerary.  The park atmosphere, complete with camp sites and picnic benches, is bound to prompt some creativity. The cliffs, water’s edge, and undulating hills create spectacular perspectives, while the sunsets from this vantage point can be breathtaking.

PiB Sunset

(4) On the northeast side of South Bass Island lies the Scheef Point Nature Preserve.  While mankind’s relationship with nature is a rich theme there, one can discover a primitive and raw sensation as well.

Scheef PreserveGreen Rock Put in Bay

(5) A closing destination for photographers keen on exploration is the island’s interior sections.  Care must be taken not to trespass on private property, but from most of the public byways one can spot marvelous views.  Some are obvious “photo-stops,” such as the Old School House on Thompson Road.  Others are secret treasures awaiting your personal, imaginative exploration.

Lost Boat Put in BayPiB Old School