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Lake Erie Ice Chart Emphasizes “Use Caution!”

Lake Erie Ice
Lake Erie Ice Chart, circa 1994.

An ice chart of Lake Erie, published roughly twenty years ago by the Put-in-Bay Ice Yacht Club, has resurfaced on the Internet today.  It presents a clear graphical view of safety issues frequently mentioned by experienced Lake Erie ice guides.  The chart highlights danger zones and possible ice cracks, but most importantly it delivers a stern disclaimer for those who venture onto frozen Lake Erie.

“This map is not intended for navigational use. The locations of cracks are an approximation of their general location and direction.  Their positions may vary from year to year.  Although this map is provided by the Put-in-Bay Ice Yacht Club, the P.I.B.I.Y.C. assumes no liability or responsibility for its contents or misuse.”

Click on the chart for the enlarged view.