Think Ahead for Safety’s Sake

Weather Map SanduskyNot all weather scenarios are peaceful and pleasant around the Bass Islands, so preparedness remains important all year long.  Now is a good time to acquire a weather radio if you do not already own one.  Winter advisories, spring winds, and summer storms can all put a huge dent in outdoor plans.  Make sure you aren’t caught unprepared.

Available in a large variety of shapes and sizes, your best bet is to run a search on Google to find one which suits you.  Radio Shack offers  a complete emergency preparedness list online.

The National Weather Service operates a broadcast station (KHB97) which serves our geographical region from Sandusky, Ohio.  Well-known to mariners using VHF radios, the frequency is 162.400 Mhz.  The SAME code for Ottawa County automated alerts for weather radios is 039123.