Ice Adventure Illustrates Bass Islands’ Good-Neighbor Standard

Lake Erie Ice Lake Erie IceLake Erie Ice17 February 2014 started as a normal day on Lake Erie Ice for thirteen adventurous souls on seven sleds, four ATV’s–in three separate groups.  The ending was a successful return of the disabled ice-car to North Bass Island, thanks to the camaraderie and good will of nice friends.  In the video below, Bud Stonerook’s vehicle, pulled by Dale Burris, Justin Wilhelm, and Bryan Oetting, had been left on the ice earlier in the week. A friendly observer described the event as, “Buditarod.”  While there exists a comical element in this scenario, the situation also serves to remind everyone to be prepared for the unexpected.  Photos and video are used with permission, and are © 2014 Robin Burris Cadez.