Hayden Gill Captures Rocky River Ice Break

Transitions from season to season can be inspiring and breathtaking.

Rocky River Ohio
Google Map view of Rocky River RR Bridge

The video below is an example of nature’s power-surge as an ice-locked river begins to free itself from winter’s grip at Rocky River, Ohio (western suburb of Cleveland).  Says Hayden Gill, “The video is shot from a railroad track right above the river valley. I was on my back porch when the sirens went off and the flow was just passing under the railroad bridge. The damage to the CYC island was minimal due to the west channel of the river having a large backup of ice that prevented the flow from moving down the channel. This probably protected the homes right along the river. The flow lasted about 20 minutes then the water quickly began to recede off the island.”  Kudos to Mr. Gill for recording, sharing, and giving permission to edit for time and storage allowances!