Virginia Lady Learns to be Frontier Woman

FriendsLake Erie ice still measures roughly 18″ thick in many spots around the Bass Islands, and the fish are most definitely here.  With March limits in effect, anglers are returning day after day.  On Sunday, Jeanne Burgess invited Donna Steinbach to join her for an afternoon of ice fishing.  Since this is the first “real winter” since Ms. Steinbach’s move to South Bass Island in November 2011, she accepted the offer with great enthusiasm.  The rest of the story is best told via Donna’s photos.  Special thanks are extended to Ben Cook (SBI), of Bud Gehrig Ice Fishing, for transportation and shanty set-up, and to Ms. Burgess for a most memorable experience my wife will never forget.  –Berni Steinbach

Lake Erie Ice

The Welcoming Environment

Ice Fishing

Fishing Heaven

Ice Shanty Lake Erie

Stage is Set

ice hole

Shortcut to the Catch

Ice Fishing Minnows

Ready for Action

Perch Catch

First Catch

Walleye Catch

“2 for Burgess

Walleye Catch

First Walleye Ever

Walleye Catch

12 lbs. & 29.5 inches for Burgess


What it’s all about!


Good Fishin’