March Storm Delivers Fresh South Bass Island Sights

Winter Wonderland Put in Bay
Classic winter scene on Put-in-Bay Road

South Bass Islanders might be tempted to name the most recent winter storm, “Patty’s Last Hurrah,” in honor of Tipper’s Restaurant manager, Patty Bauer.  Ms. Bauer prayed all winter for snow and snow and more snow–and we got it!  Total snowfall this winter, at the offices of Put-in-Bay Daily™, reached 64″  (the height of a person 5’4″ tall) Wednesday afternoon.

As the Ides of March are upon us, one can only wonder what Mother Nature has in store for the rest of 2014.  For the short-term, the Cleveland office of the National Weather Service forecasts cold, blustery winds, snow showers, and partial sunshine.  Flowers and greenery?  Maybe later . . .

Put in Bay Airport Snow
“Thar she blows!”
Put in Bay Airport
Making room for better weather!
ATV Put in Bay
John Dodge & Bridget Wise survey the Bay.
Delaware Street Put in Bay
Plenty of space for golf cart parking today.
Put in Bay Snow Sign
“Who needs GPS?”
The Keys Put in Bay
Seasonal Specialties
Atlas Shrugged
“I almost had it!”
Winter Geese Put in Bay
“Flying north? Really?”
Air Boats Put in Bay
Time for big boats
Lime Kiln Dock snow
“They’ll come by sea, now.”
East Point Put in Bay
“What’s a ‘white cap?'”
East Point Put in Bay
“You people feel out of place, too?”