Put in Bay, Put-in-Bay

Put in BayDoes a hyphen (-), not dash (–), really make a difference?

We checked the National Geographic Style Manual and discovered a poignant example of how complex the English language is.  The “bottom line,” as it were, reads:

“Place-names with hyphens follow the style in the NG atlas, then the Board on Geographic Names. If the place-name is not in the atlas, omit hyphens both on page maps and in text except in French-Canadian and French names: Stratford upon Avon, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, Trois-Rivières.”

So, we searched for the NG atlas on the Web and were asked to create an account.  We didn’t, and so resorted to the DELORME Atlas and Gazetter hard-copy for the State of Ohio.  The Index of Placenames shows “Put-in-Bay 22 D3.”

That settled it.  We will now resume our coverage of the weather . . .

Put in Bay weather