East Harbor Author Promotes Important Nature Connections

James ProffittA freelance writer and photographer living on East Harbor, James Proffitt captures the nuances of Lake Erie life in a bold and forthright manner.  Proffitt’s articles, published on the World Wide Web at “Wild Lake Erie,” resonate with folks who value the natural integrity of northwest Ohio’s geography.  In a column on 12 March 2014, Proffitt comments on the development of Port Clinton’s Water Works Park: “Once the mistake is made, it’s not likely to be undone.  Once a set of structures is built, it won’t matter how many failed chain restaurants or independent operators cycle through — no one will admit failure and tear the buildings down and return the land to a simple park.”

Other interesting and attention-getting entries focus on invasive species, wildlife photography, and eagles.  If you enjoy reading pertinent material about our regional environment, you will enjoy “Wild Lake Erie” and staying “informed on all things fin, fur and feather.”