Public Hearing on Put-in-Bay Dock Project Informative

Put in Bay "A" Dock

“A” Dock cribs will require 180 piles driven for final placement in a water-to-shore sequence.

Put in Bay Village Council

Mayor Scarpelli and Mr. Nusser presented clarifying information in response to citizen comments.

Twenty citizens attended the Put-in-Bay Village Council public hearing on the “A” & “C” dock refurbishment project on Thursday afternoon, 24 April 2014.  Mayor Ruth Scarpelli opened the meeting and introduced Mr. Mark Nowakowski from HPH Mechanical.  Joining the Mayor was Mr. Douglas Nusser, the project director from Poggemeyer Design Group.  Mr. Nowakowski provided details about construction particulars, including sequences and timelines.

While under considerable pressure voiced by island resident Bernard McCann and councilwoman Melinda Myers about contract deadline concerns and completion extensions, Mr. Nowakowski responded directly and politely.  He pointed out the below-zero winter conditions and dock-crib transportation permits contributed to the greater than three-week delay, as did the winter ice-fishing community’s public opposition to breaking the ice to deliver the cribs.

Construction will continue Mondays through Saturdays at the behest of Village Council.  May 2 is the target date for the pouring of “C” dock concrete.  Eleven of thirteen cribs for “A” dock are on the island, and two more are expected from Columbus, Ohio, where they are dipped for surface protection.  “C” dock had 120 piles driven; “A” requires 180 to secure the cribs, and each pile consumes roughly one hour of construction time with four men on the job.  “C” dock is expected to be completed in time for Memorial Day, while “A” dock most likely will be complete by July 4th weekend.  Mr. Nowakowski explained the contract was “let” in October 2013; shop drawings were prepared, approved, and sent to manufacturing in mid-November 2013; and the first product was ready for shipment in January 2014.

After two attempts by Mr. Marvin Booker to ascertain what plans were in place to address the traffic congestion arising from Bayview Avenue being closed, Mayor Scarpelli reluctantly admitted no plans were in place; however, she shared the Council is engaged in an ongoing conversation with the Put-in-Bay Police Department.  The hearing concluded at 4:30 pm, after one and a quarter hours.