Put-in-Bay School Begins 2015 Academic Year on 26 August

Put in Bay School

Coach Randi Wertenbach begins her ninth year as our cross-country coach and will begin workouts with her runners on Monday, August 3rd. Although the cross-country team lost State Regional Qualifier, Elliot Kowalski, to graduation, the team could still do very well with stronger runners from top to bottom.

We had a long list of improvements and repairs completed at the school this summer. The most visible improvements are the new sidewalks, front entrance, parking lot, and outdoor basketball court. These projects were bid separately and completed separately: Front of School Sidewalks: $7,900; Rebuild School Front Porch: $28,750; School Parking Lot: $34,730; Playground Basketball Court/Tennis Court: $44,300. The outdoor basketball court/tennis court has needed repair for some time, as weeds were growing through the cracks. Once completed, the outdoor courts will be widened, have four additional basketball baskets and include removable posts for a tennis court. The tennis court will be available for public use, as well as for our students during physical education. All these projects will be paid for from the school’s Permanent Improvement fund.  Prior to these projects being completed our school received new handicap ramps, new bicycle racks, and new school crossing signage leading to the school, from a federal grant called “Safe Routes to School.” This grant also provided sidewalks leading to the school along Concord Avenue.

The first day of school for students is Wednesday, August 26th. Letters will be sent informing parents of school supplies needed to begin the school year. Students new to our school district should register at least one week prior to the first day of school.

When school does begin on August 26th, we would like parents to adhere to the following guidelines when dropping off and/or picking up their children:
1. No parking/waiting on the sidewalk (ball field side of Concord).
2. No parking behind the cars in the parking lot.
3. No parking across the street on Catawba (heading to State Park).
All drop-offs and pick-ups will take place along Catawba Ave. heading into town. For students walking or riding their bikes to school, the corner of Concord and Catawba will be monitored by crossing guards, school faculty and/or local police to ensure a safe crossing.

Again for another year, our students performed very well on the Spring standardized tests. Preliminary reports indicate that our seven sophomores passed all five parts of the Ohio Graduation Test. Even more impressive was how well each of them performed on this test. Of the thirty-five (35) tests taken, twenty-eight (28) were scored in the “advanced” or “accelerated” range! More good news was reported from the third grade Ohio Academic Achievement Reading Test (OAA). Our six third-graders had an average score of 444, 22 points above the state average and all of the students scored proficient or higher. A complete report from all tests taken last Spring should be available next month.

The School’s Attendance/Vacation Policy has not changed from a year ago. Absences due to illness, appointments, or reasons pre-approved by the Superintendent will be ‘excused.’ All other absences will be ‘unexcused,’ resulting in failing grades on schoolwork missed. Parents are advised to make appointments and plan vacations on the following dates that school will not be in session:

September 5 – 7 Labor Day Weekend
October 17 – 19 Appointment Day on Monday, 19th
November 25 – 29 Thanksgiving Break
December 19 – Jan 3 Christmas Break
February 20 – 28 Winter Break
March 26 – 28 Appointment Day on Monday, 28th
April 16 – 19 Easter Weekend
May 28 – 30 Memorial Day Weekend

We would like to introduce a new teacher to Put-in-Bay School. Ms. Shannon Casserlie will teach grade 4, 5, and 6 math and science. She comes to Put-in-Bay from the Canton City School District where she taught 4th grade mathematics and science for three years and was the varsity head soccer coach. Welcome to Put-in-Bay School, Ms. Casserlie!

Steve Poe, Superintendent