New Academic Quiz Bowl Season Underway

Quiz Bowl Put in Bay

The Seneca / Wyandot / Put-in-Bay / Sandusky / Crawford High School Quiz Bowl League opened its 2015-2016 regular season Tuesday, September 22. Put-in-Bay in the far north of League territory, Hopewell-Loudon, more or less in the middle, and Upper Sandusky in the far south, were the hosts of this month’s competition.

While not strictly geographic, the 18 teams are divided into three divisions, North, Central, and South. After winning their three matches at Put-in-Bay, Calvert is at the top of the North Division. St. Joseph Central Catholic, 2-1, is second, and Old Fort, Put-in-Bay, and Ross are tied for third with one win each. St. Wendelin, with three wins, is first in the Central Division. With only one loss, Bridges Community Academy is second. Hopewell-Loudon and Seneca East are tied for third with one win each. In the South Division Columbian and Mohawk are tied at 3-0, Buckeye Central and Carey at 2-1, and New Riegel and Upper Sandusky at 1-2.

The six teams in each League division play each other and also across divisions. Leagues and tournaments send their winners to Ohio Academic Competition (OAC) regionals in the spring. The winner and the runner-up at the regional level advance to finals in Columbus. The local league will be sending its three division winners to regionals.

The next matches will be played in October in Tiffin at Bridges, Calvert, and Tiffin Middle School.

The combined scores from September are:

Bridges Community Academy-Fostoria 115-70
Bridges Community Academy-Upper Sandusky 120-105
Buckeye Central-Bridges Community Academy 120-45
Buckeye Central-Fostoria 45-40
Calvert-New Riegel 140-55
Calvert-Old Fort 130-60
Calvert-Put-in-Bay 135-115
Carey-Buckeye Central 105-45
Columbian-Carey 130-40
Columbian-Fostoria 180-40
Columbian-Upper Sandusky 185-60
Hopewell-Loudon-Clyde 185-75
Mohawk-New Riegel 155-70
Mohawk-North Central Academy 170-50
Mohawk-Put-in-Bay 110-105
New Riegel-North Central Academy 115-85
Old Fort-North Central Academy 240-60
Put-in-Bay-Old Fort 140-110
Ross-Clyde 175-140
Seneca East-Hopewell-Loudon 195-125
Seneca East-St. Joseph Central Catholic 180-150
St. Joseph Central Catholic-Clyde 195-110
St. Joseph Central Catholic-Ross 145-65
St. Wendelin-Hopewell-Loudon 275-120
St. Wendelin-Ross 180-85
St. Wendelin-Seneca East 215-140
Upper Sandusky-Carey 110-85

For more information, contact Kendra Nelson, League co-coordinator:

Kendra Nelson
NCOESC Gifted Education Supervisor
928 West Market Street, Suite A.
Tiffin, Ohio 44883