Islanders Create Joyful Recovery for Visitors

autumn Put in BayThe following letter to the editor was received on Put-in-Bay Daily’s Facebook page.  We are impressed by its contents!  Thank you, Ms. Heather Beverage Hissong, of Mansfield, Ohio, for sharing your experience.

12 October 2015

Great people are hard to come by these days but your community is full of them.  I had a great experience of that today.  After spending the weekend at Anne Parker’s house, my husband discovered this morning that he had thrown his set if keys in the trash yesterday while cleaning to leave. He immediately called Anne she called her son DJ to go to the house and dig them out only to discover the trash was already taken by trash company.  Anne tracked down the trash truck and DJ and the trash man extracted the trash until they found our bag and our keys! Anne took the keys to the Miller ferry; they transported them to the mainland where my husband drove the 3 hour round-trip to pick them up. So if you happen to see Anne Parker or DJ, or the unknown trash man around the island, please tell them how grateful we are that they were willing to go above and beyond what most people wouldn’t do! Thank you for another great Oktoberfest–we will see you again next year!