Vote for Chris Cooper for Township Trustee

Chris Cooper for Township TrusteeAs many of you know, I am running for Put-in-Bay Township Trustee this November. I have had several people ask me what my platform is. What am I out to change? My answer to this is, what are changes that you want done? I believe that if I’m not listening to what you want, then I’m not representing you correctly. I also don’t believe that outside influences should get in the way of me representing you. I will listen to what you want and need and work to achieve those wants and needs.

I was a summer resident up until 9 and a half years ago when I became a year round resident. My wife and I built a home here and are raising our children here on the island so my commitment to the community is well anchored. I am on the island throughout the year and can be easily reached anytime. In addition to living here, I also own a business with my brother and feel that I can represent business owners as well as homeowners. I believe that I can also relate to both summer residents and year round residents and can work for both as a trustee.

I am confident that I will do a good job as a trustee and I ask that you give me that chance this November.

Thank you

Chris Cooper

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