PiB Chamber of Commerce Members Set Stage for Renewal

Put in Bay Chamber of Commerce
Kim Morrisson, PiB Chamber of Commerce President

In a meeting lasting ninety minutes, Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce President Kim Stoiber Morrisson explained the Board’s assessment of financial issues demanding attention for 2016.  More expenses, less income, and a decrease in membership were identified as the essential factors contributing to the fiscal shortfall reported earlier.  “It is not life threatening and the Board would like to rectify,” said Ms. Morrisson.  “The Executive Board wants to ‘right the ship’ and work to follow the entity’s by-laws.”

In response to member concerns about priorities in advertising, Ms. Morrisson stated, “The advertising plan has been like noodle-throwing against the wall.  With a plan we can have focus and vision.”  She added that the Board was “wide open to participation in resolving issues.”  The next step announced will be a meeting with an advertising firm, followed by setting Chamber priorities.  In response to a question about the budget, Ms. Morrisson related there is no budget yet in place.  She said, “The Board is considering cuts in all areas,” including employee payroll.

Put in Bay Chamber of Commerce
Chamber members head to Pasquales to attend the November meeting.