Erie Islands Library Has Two Gripping, Real-Life Stories on DVD

movies_dvd_EIL_112015Uniquely powerful films are on hand at the Erie Islands Library.  Meru, released this past August, captures the mesmerizing force of human determination to conquer physical obstacles.  The End of the Tour, released this past July, underscores the battle between personal meaning-making and commercial success.  Both movies unfold with action and deepening plot development, and both leave the viewer astounded by life’s contrasting moments of intensity.  This is real life on plateaus to which most of us can barely relate, yet for which we have a keen perception not usually enhanced by Hollywood film making.

Which to see first?  If nature’s power attracts you, watch Meru.  If you prefer character study, start with The End of the Tour.  But for heaven’s sake, don’t miss either one!