School Students Create Logic Puzzle

Under Ms. Linda Rence’s guidance, Emil Michael and Hope Cooks created a logic puzzle to create an opportunity for critical thinking skills.  Try it now for fun!  The solution is posted elsewhere on Put-in-Bay Daily™, but you will have to complete a search to find it.  Good luck!

Mascot Mix-up Logic Puzzle

Logic Puzzle

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Several NBA teams have mixed up their mascots. The teams are Hornets, Pistons, Thunder, Suns, 76ers, Heat, Rockets, and Celtics. Their mascots are named Lucky, Franklin, Hugo, Rumble, Go, Burnie, Clutch, Hooper and Go. Use the clues to help determine which mascot belongs to which team.

-The Suns mascot likes to eat fruit.

-The Celtics have an Irish mascot.

-The Heat’s mascot’s name begins with the letter “B”.

-Both Hornets and Pistons’ mascots begin with the letter “H”.

-The 76ers mascot has the same last name of a famous inventor.

-Thunder’s mascot is a big animal that can be black or brown.

-The Piston’s mascot is not Hugo.

-Thunder rumbles.

-The Rocket’s mascot is an animal.