Reminiscence Creates Interesting Glimpse of Put-in-Bay Past

Island antique collector Steve Nemec relates, “When Islanders as well as others gather and reminisce about the way Put-in-Bay used to be, The Castle Inn often comes up during discussion of favorite memories.   One of the Castle’s claim to fame was ‘the pole.’  Patrons would try to climb the pole and then pivot to touch their feet on the ceiling.   After doing so, one earned the right to carve  initials in the ceiling while hanging on the pole.”  Long-time islanders have confirmed the popularity of these antics and others.  Annie Parker remembers well the pride exhibited by successful climbers, and Jeanne Burgess related that while her mother worked at The Castle Inn, her brother would sneak downstairs and bring back french fries to share.  Good times were enjoyed by musicians and dancers, too.

The Castle InnEnjoy some of the action on this video provided by Alina Nemec:  THE CASTLE INN POLE

Castle Inn Put in Bay

Some of the individuals known to be in this photo, of a time long before the above video, are Roy Webster, Bruce Dugan, and Tim Reinhart.