Put-in-Bay Basketball Team and Community All Fired Up!

Put in Bay basketball

L-R, front: Alex Knauer, Blake Booker, Erin Urge, Talii Steidl, Tyler King; L-R, back: Coach Schuffenecker, Sophia Schroeder, Cecilia Glauser, Carter Pugh, Jack Booker, Max Schneider, Justin Wilhelm, Tom Chrysler; Hannah Lentz and Ericson Booker not pictured.

Under the tutelage of Susan Harrington and Craig Schuffenecker, the Put-in-Bay School athletic program prepares for another exciting basketball season.  Practice sessions are underway, and Bass Islands community members are gearing up for the dynamic excitement that will begin with the first round of games during a trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan.

PiBRadio sportscaster Patrick Myers prepare island residents for a promo featuring,

PiBRadio sportscaster Patrick Myers prepares island residents for a promo featuring, “Get Your Growl On!”

FROM:    Mr. Steve Poe  Superintendent / Principal

RE:            “Ohio v. Michigan – Island Rivalry Games”

Dates:  December 2 and 3, 2016

Put-in-Bay High School v. Mackinac Island High School

Boys/Girls Varsity Basketball Games @ Mackinac Island, Michigan

The weekend after the Ohio State v. Michigan football game there will be another great rivalry game between the two states:  Put-in-Bay, Ohio v. Mackinac Island, Michigan in High School Basketball.

Mackinac Island hosted the first boys varsity games in 1995, winning both games that year.  Since that time, the two schools have played a total of nine boys games and five girls games, with Put-in-Bay holding a 5 – 4 edge in boys basketball and the Mackinac girls leading their series 4 – 1.

Put-in-Bay Coach Craig Schuffenecker looks forward to the opportunity to start off the basketball season with a pair of victories over their island rival.  “Last year, when Mackinac came here, we split the two boy’s games.  The boy’s games were very close and we feel we have some unfinished business.  Mackinac got to take the coveted ‘island trophies’ back with them because they had a higher total score in the boy’s games and swept the two girls games.  So it is our job to bring the trophy back to Ohio!”

Interesting Facts:

­Put-in-Bay                                                                                         Mackinac Island

Mascot:   Panthers                                                                                 Lakers

Enrollment (K-12):       71                                                                     68

# of 2017 Graduates:   9                                                                        4

# of Teachers (K-12):   15.5                                                                   10.5

Sports League:             Independent                                                  Northern Lights League

Sports:                          X-Country, Volleyball, Archery,                    Soccer, Volleyball, Archery

Basketball, Fishing                                          Basketball, Track, Golf

Lowest Ferry Cost      $14 R/T per person                                          $26 R/T per person

Air Fare Cost              $80 R/T per person                                          $56 R/T per person

Island Population        Approx. 500                                                    Approx. 500

Mackinac Island holds their annual ‘Christmas Bazaar Weekend’ the same weekend as the rivalry basketball games and many fans from Put-in-Bay plan to make the 386 mile trip north.  “Mackinac School and their local businesses have many things planned for our students and fans this weekend, from the lighting of the Christmas Tree Ceremony to a tour of the Grand Hotel.  Many of the shops open back up, local entertainers return to their downtown venues, and a dance is planned for the kids after Saturday night’s games,” said Put-in-Bay Superintendent Steve Poe.

Fans not able to make the trip to Mackinac Island can listen and watch live coverage of the game on WPIB.com.  Click on the “Live TV” tab after logging on.  Coverage begins at 6:00pm both Friday and Saturday evenings.  Contact Superintendent Steve Poe at 419-285-3614 for more information.

Put in Bay Basketball

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Two special trophies have been prepared to commemorate the friendly island competitions.  Made from Ohio walnut and Michigan birch, as well as stones native to the two states, these unique pieces represent the good will and community spirit prevalent on Lake Huron’s Mackinac Island  and on the Bass Islands in Lake Erie.

Put in Bay Basketball

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Welcome to the 2016-2017 Put-in-Bay Basketball season!