Miller Boat Line Runs Extended Schedule for Community Benefit

Miller Boat LineLong after the last golf cart has been rented and island visitors returned to the mainland life, South Bass Islanders continue to depend on the services of Miller Boat Line.  Doctor’s appointments, winter grocery shopping, holiday preparations, home and garden maintenance, and construction work become the focus of year-round island residents.

Miller Boat LineMiller Boat Line’s skilled captains and crew serve their community well during times which are not most pleasant on Lake Erie.  Today, for example, the air temperature was 32°F, ice covered ramps and decks, and a gusty 15-25 knot wind pushed hefty waves eastward while snow squalls flitted across the inland sea.

Miller Boat LineWhen Lake Erie weather turns from the glow of Indian summer to the frosty breath of ol’ man winter, islanders scurry to get an automobile across to the mainland for winter parking.  After the ferries stop operations due to lake ice, residents must fly to Port Clinton and have a car waiting in order to attend to any business or personal concerns.  Yesterday and today marked the “final” rush to get cars across, as the long-term forecast promises a return of the polar vortex.

Miller Boat LinePut-in-Bay Daily extends a hearty thank-you to all the employees of Miller Boat Line!Miller Boat Line