Ice Cube Princess Demands Sacrifice for Good Ice at Put-in-Bay

Ullr Fest Put in Bay

Ice Cube Princess mesmerizes islanders.

In a spectacular arrival at dusk on Sunday, the Ice Cube Princess appeared at the Ullr Festival and announced the necessity of a sacrificial offering if islanders wanted good conditions for ice fishing in 2017.  Patrick Myers provided translation from Ice-Speak to English.

Ullr Fest Put in Bay

Reverend Mary Staley, from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, was quick to debunk the mythological, but the gathered crowd cheered intensely as the Ice Pig went up in flames and fireworks illuminated Put-in-Bay.  Refreshments for young and old, as well as grilled brats and hot soup, added to the spirited event.  Thanks are extended to Billy Market and his crew for creating another special winter celebration.

Ullr Fest Put in BayUllr Fest Put in BayUllr Fest Put in BayUllr Fest Put in BayUllr Fest Put in Bay