DeRivera Park Trust Meeting Summarized by Lake Erie Islands Conservancy

The DeRivera Park Trust held their monthly meeting today with trustees George Stoiber and Kelly Faris present.
Kelly made a motion that the Trust place a 25 year conservation easement on Cooper’s (DeRivera) Woods. George Stoiber said he would allow the motion to die without a second.

The board was asked again to consider selling the Woods to the PIB Township Park District in time for them to apply for Clean Ohio Conservation funds on January 13.

Letters were read from Craig Schuffenecker and Amy Amy Huston and Peter Peter Huston in favor of this. Missi Kowalski and Tatyana Kowalski spoke from the PIB School Environmental Club. Susan Latham, John Ladd, D J Parker, all expressed their support for the proposal.

Annie Parker, Marsha Parker, Valerie Nose Chornyak, Linda Frederick, Judy Berry, were also in attendance.
No motion in favor was made.

An alternative purchase of dorm and garage was discussed-no motions made.

Mr Stoiber stated that keeping Cooper’s Woods in its natural state was not their intention when they purchased the Woods. Ms Kowalski asked what their intention was and no answer was given.

If anyone was present at the meeting when the DeRivera Trustees made the decision to purchase the Woods with donations, please let us know and send us your account of what was promised that day.

The next DeRivera Park Trust meeting will be held February 13 at 1:00pm at the PIB Town Hall. Please attend to continue to let them know your opinions on Cooper’s Woods.

Lisa Brohl, Chair

Lake Erie Islands Conservancy