Put-in-Bay Police Chief Requests Community Input

Put in Bay PolicePut-in-Bay Police Chief Steve Riddle has asked for input from Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association members regarding the July 22nd weekend (formerly referred to as Christmas in July).  He requests information on the following:

-Personal experiences, positive or negative
-Concerns about visitor behavior
-Solutions / ideas for addressing visitor behaviors via ordinances
Officer staffing on July 22nd:
 30 – PiB Village officers (approximately 5 were undercover)
 15 – Task force undercover officers (drug & alcohol)
   8 – ODNR officers
   6 – Ohio State Patrol officers
   4 – Homeland Security officers
 63 – Total officers
Your information will be discussed at the Village Council Agenda Meeting this Monday, August 7th, beginning at 8:45 am.  The Chief hopes that issues will be addressed and viable solutions can be identified.  These may result in ordinances that the police can act upon next year.