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Everything you need to know about Toby Keith Concert 8/31 but didn’t know who to ask

The Toby Keith Concert Planning is down to the fine tuning stage. The Put-in-Bay Port Authority held a meeting today August 15th to discuss the details. Here’s a list in no special order of itmes discussed.

The concert will generate $30K of non-aviation income for the PIB Port Authority.

Additionally another $12-14k could be generated in alcohol related sales.

Tim Niese, concert promoter, predicts that there will be 10,500-11,000 tickets sold.

Tickets can still be purchased on-line at and will be sold the day of the concert if not sold out.

This will be a rain or shine event. The Franklin County Command Center will be utilized with a direct link to NOAA for up to date information about any thunder or lightning warning or concert holds. A plan is in place for sheltering.

There will be no “In and out” allowed. Once in the venue, if you leave you will not be readmitted.

No open containers will be permitted upon exit of the venue.

Golf Cart Parking will be handled by the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center. 100% of the $5 Parking fee will be a donation to LEINWC. 1500-2000 golf carts are anticipated.

DeRivera “B” dock estimates that gross receipts for the same week last year was $7K this year it should be $12-14K  “B” Dock will be first come first served.

Port Authority mooring buoys are also first-come, first served.

No one from the Village A and C docks were present. Standard procedure is no reservations accepted.

Miller Marina and Crews Nest docks are all reserved at this time.

Bayshore Resort is filled, as is the Black Squirrel B&B. The PIBCC will survey any other lodging availability and report on the chamber facebook page.

Langram Road from Put-in-Bay Road (The twine shanty) to Meechen will be closed to all traffic except cabs and buses from 3pm on the day of the concert.

Island Transportation will be providing 5 buses and 7 tour trains to shuttle people from the airport to the Downtown Depot for those leaving on the Jet Express.

The Jet Express estimates that they can move 1000 people an hour.  The Miller Ferry estimates 1900 people per hour.

The Port Authority said that based on figures provided by Lake Erie Shores and Islands, 6,500 people could potentially stay on the island 8/31.

Lake Erie Shores and Islands will be on hand to assist concert-goers with last minute lodging requests.

There will be three gates into and out of the concert venue. The North Gate (North east side of the Port Authority building) is where buses and tour trains will load and unload. The VIP/Handicapped gate will be at the Heli-pad entrance, and the South Gate will be off of Airport Road where all golf carts will be parked.

2 miles of temporary fence will be installed to control the concert parameter. There will be no concert equipment or seating north of the Airport building.

Absolutely no parking will be allowed on either side of Langram from Airport Road to Cessna Rd.

There will be security personnel on site and around the concert venue.

The Ottawa County Sherriff’s department is taking over the Put-in-Bay Township.

Mounted police will be on hand to patrol.

Officers from the Ottawa County Sheriffs department will be here.

US Coast Guard will be on hand to manage boats trying to anchor along the shoreline.

The temporary fence on the south side of the venue will be patrolled.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol will mange traffic flow on the mainland, the Sherriff’s department will handle the traffic on the island.

Airline Road will be closed to traffic during the concert and reopened for golf carts to exit after the concert.

There will be 10 portable light towers that will be in place to provide lighting for concert-goers exiting the venue.

Concert-goers that came over on the Miller Ferry will channeled down Langram to Lime Kiln. Sherriff Department personnel will be in place to manage the exiting crowd.

There won’t be any pressure to have the audience leave, water and food stations will remain open after the concert is over.

Patrick Meyers, former member of the port authority board will be the spokes person for all information related to the Port Authority and its venue.

For more information details can be found where additional information is added daily or call the Islander Inn. All ticket holders will be updated on status and concert info a few days prior to the event.

The Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce is also available to answer other questions at 419-285-2832