Solar Eclipse Amazes Bass Islands Viewers

2017 Solar Eclipse

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Today’s solar eclipse was spectacular and beautiful.  PiBDaily observed it from roughly 13:45 to 14:35, and we witnessed a fairly quick sliding of the moon across the sun from west to east.  The NASA solar viewing glasses we had blocked everything except the sun (which appeared as the interior color of a cantaloupe melon) and the increasing dark overlay of the moon.

Singled out as it was, the image appeared surreal and disconnected from our earthly environs.  There were many clouds drifting by, too.  When they were thick, one could look at the sun without the solar viewing glasses.  PiBDaily was able to take a photo near the event’s conclusion.

In general, daylight during our observation was muted and the air rather still.  No birds sang, and we felt an uncanny sense of contrast between what we consider normal afternoon light and the special hour’s atmosphere.  Everyone we came across in our viewing area (at the Miller Boat Line information kiosk) was awed by the spectacle.