Nature Center Promotes Youth Science Adventure

Nature Center Put in BayPut-in-Bay Mad Scientists  Halloween Lab, noon to 4 pm on Saturday, October 7thIf you are brave enough, come to the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center on Put-in-Bay.
Drop Magic Purple Juice into foods and see what happens!
Touch animal skinsskulls, and snake skins . . . if you dare.
Drop ingredients together to make Witches’ Brews and see which pairs fizz!
Nature Center Put in BayTake photos on your camera as you are being eaten by a grizzly bear, a mountain lion, and a timber wolf. 
Keep from saying, “Gross!” as you dissect an owl pellet.  Nature Center Put in Bay
Find out if you are brave enough to eat a Scary Snack which  includes an insect — and — is that a worm?  Eeeek!
 Appropriate for Ages 6-12, the $5 Mad Scientists Halloween Lab admission also includes a tour of the Nature Center.  Accompanying adults $3, Seniors $2, Children 5 and under free to tour Nature Center.