“Favorite Won” Delivers North Bass Grapes to Put-in-Bay

North Bass Island grapesPut-in-Bay’s well-known Heineman Winery took delivery of Vidal grapes today.  According to Appelation America, “wine produced from Vidal blanc tends to be very fruity, with aroma notes of grapefruit and pineapple. Due to its high acidity and sugar potential it is particularly suited to sweeter, dessert wines. In particular, because of the tough outer skin of the fruit, it is well adapted for the production of ice wine.

North Bass Island grapesThe grapes, grown on North Bass Island, were delivered by the trusty ol’ tug, “Favorite Won,” North Bass Island grapesonce owned by Meiers Wine Cellars, Inc., but currently registered to KFLOE Ltd. of Sandusky, Ohio.  The vessel was built in 1951, is 38.5 feet in length, and draws 5 feet.