Perry’s Victory Seeks Input on Memorial Landscape Plans

Put in BayInterested in the Future Development of Perry’s Victory?

Put-in-Bay, Ohio Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial invites the public to weigh in on the future management of the park’s landscape at an open house on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 from 3:30 to 5:00pm at the park’s Visitor Center.

The park is preparing a Cultural Landscape Treatment Plan and Environmental Assessment (EA) to guide future management of the historic memorial landscape and determine impacts from implementing this plan. The cultural landscape treatment plan includes care of historic trees and shrubs, the addition or alteration of ramps, sidewalks, or stairs to improve access to the plaza and memorial, installation of wayside exhibits, locations for future housing and outdoor gathering space, and enhancements to park gateways.

The purpose of the project is to guide management, treatment, and use of resources at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial and evaluate impacts to natural and cultural resources. The proposed action is needed at this time to provide park staff with a detailed plan that supports historic landscape management in accordance with National Park Service (NPS) planning and management policies.

The NPS has drafted alternatives for moving forward and is seeking public and community input during this open house.