Single Digit Temperatures Deliver Lake Erie Ice

Put in Bay ice

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South Bass Island Lighthouse weather station (SBIO1) recorded single digit temperatures after midnight, with 5.5ºF coming in at 8am–clearly good conditions for lake ice.  In the 11:20am weather discussion released by the Cleveland Office of the National Weather Service, COLD is the preeminent word:

Once again, no relief in sight for the foreseeable future from the
bitter cold temperatures.  More arctic air will plunge southeast
into the area during the early part of the New Year.  The cold air
will cause high temperatures in the single digits in the west half
of the area Sunday and between 10 and 14 in the east.  Even colder
widespread temperatures between -5 degrees and 8 degrees expected
across the area Monday morning.
Put in Bay ice

Looking east to Kelleys Island