Marblehead Coast Guard on Lake Erie Ice Patrol

USCG Stations Marblehead
Members of the USCG Station Marblehead Ice-Boat Crew enjoy a brief respite.

Servicemen from the USCG Station Marblehead braved the elements this afternoon to “see to the safety of ice fishermen around the Bass Islands.”  The unit came around the west side of South Bass Island and reported no issues of concern, though the ride was bumpy, the air temperature hovered around 14ºF, and the wind blew at 23 knots out of the WNW.  A brief stop at Tipper’s Restaurant, Put-in-Bay, commenced after securing the vessel alongside “C” Dock in the harbor.  The return route to Marblehead was planned for the waters between Kelleys Island and South Bass Island.  The Marblehead Station is responsible for approximately 458 square miles of Lake Erie.

USCG Stations MarbleheadUSCG Stations Marblehead





Put in Bay Fire Department
Doug Wilhelm identifies USCG ice-boat at the end of “C” Dock.

Put-in-Bay Fire Department Co-Chief Doug Wilhelm examined the ice-boat and said he would check with the Marblehead Unit to learn additional safety suggestions and procedures.  He advised that the public stay attentive when on the ice, and that a survival suit, a cellular telephone or marine radio, a compass, and notifying friends of one’s intentions were essential to winter safety.