Put-in-Bay Village New Ordinances Up for Final Public Reading

Golf Carts on Miller Boat LinePut-in-Bay Village Council will conduct final readings of ordinances 1181-18 and 1182-18 on Wednesday, 11 April 2018, at a 9am meeting.

Ordinance 1181-18 pertains to “under-speed/low-speed vehicles, according to Kelly Niese, Village of Put-in-Bay Fiscal Officer/Clerk.  Ms. Niese explained, “The State of Ohio passed a new law which now recognizes ‘golf carts’ may be considered a slow or under-speed vehicle and those will be required to have an inspection.  Because the State of Ohio passed a new law, the Village needs to adopt it as well.”  It should be noted, the Village has had an ordinance in place for years requiring “golf-cart” inspections.

Ordinance 1182-18 concerns snowmobiles, ATV’s, and off-road motorcycles.  “These two issues have been very confusing to many people.  The ordinances are just slightly different, but are equally important,” said Ms. Niese.

The following clarification of ordinance 1182-18 was included in Put-in-Bay Daily’s conversation with the Fiscal Officer:

ATV Put in Bay“When you review ordinance 1182-18, please keep in mind that all types of ATVs were never allowed on the roadways like a regular motor vehicle. The Village always looked the other way with use of these all-terrain vehicles in the past.  The Village and the Township worked together by hiring lobbyists to fight for the right to uses these here, on the Lake Erie Islands, mainly for ice-fishing economy during the winter months.  The bill passed this past summer allows ATV’s from November 1 – April 30 each year for limited access on the island roadways.  This was a big win for us all.  So, in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, the Village has to adopt it into law and amend our current legislation regarding the use of snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles, ATVs, and the like.  ATVs were never allowed to be on the island roads, the Village only permitted safe crossing of road to get from one property to another, or along the side of a roadway.  For the State to recognize and permit these vehicles during the winter months is a great victory.  We have to remember State Highway 357 runs a long route on our island–through the Bayview downtown area out to East Point.  Those using ATV’s were subject to State Highway Patrol rules (and they still will be during summer months).”

The public can still voice concerns at the Council workshop meeting on Wednesday, April 4th at 9:00am.

ORD 1181-18 NEW – Under-Speed Vehicles (with low-speed) CLEAN 1-23 (02516040x9EF3B)

1182-18 ORD amend Ch 476 Snowmobiles Off-Highway Motorcycles

Codified Ordinances of Put-in-Bay are made available on the Web by the American Legal Publishing Corporation; however, they are updated only to 12 October 2015.