Bird Banding Contributes to Wildlife Management

Kelleys Island bird bandingBirding, and bird banding in particular, have become an important part of the study of natural resources in and around the Bass Islands of Lake Erie.  The USGS provides a specific explanation about bird banding:

Bird Banding Lake Erie

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“Banding of live birds, which are then released back into the wild and subsequently encountered either through observation, trapping, or recovery of the band when the bird is dead, forms the basis for the estimation of important population parameters. Analysis of these population vital rates contributes to an understanding of the life history and population dynamics of various species. An understanding of these dynamics, in turn, is critical to evaluations of management actions, including the establishment of appropriate exploitation rates for hunting; assessments for actions to improve the status of a species, especially threatened and endangered species; or assessments of the effects of changes of habitats on all bird species.”

The USGS provides easy access to Summaries of Banding and Encounter Data.