Miller Ferries Anchor Off South Bass Island State Park Overnight

Miller Boat Line Lime Kiln Dock

Just past midnight at Lime Kiln Dock on 15 April 2018

From Captain Billy Market at 12:10 a.m.:

Bree Reynolds, David Dress, Mark Lelanka, Mark Kaiser, Brian Woischke and Cory Wisniewski are great employees! We now have two boats floating off the State Park on the lee side of the island because it got way way too nasty to leave them at the Lime Kiln Dock any longer tonight. My fault that we didn’t take at least one boat downtown today; that way there’d be only one boat with 3 crew out in the lake tonight instead of 2 boats and 6 crew. Thank you guys! #lakerrieisnastytonight

ENE at 33 knots (37.97 mph) was the South Bass Island Lighthouse wind reading at 11:08pm, Friday night.

Miller Ferries anchored

Miller Ferries anchored off SBI State Park; lights of Port Clinton are visible in the distance.

Miller FerryMiller Ferry