Put-in-Bay School Summer Update

Put in BayPut-in-Bay School News – by Steve Poe, Superintendent

Though it is summer, many of our students are taking advantage of learning opportunities outside the school calendar year.  Mrs. Elizabeth Knauer is teaching elementary students in summer school for six weeks; seniors Max Schneider and Lauren Peter attended Buckeye Boy’s State and Girl’s State, juniors Joseph Byrnes and Alexandra Knauer attended the Hugh O’Brian Leadership Seminar; sophomore Elena Schroeder participated in pharmacy camp at the University of Toledo; and a number of high school students are taking on-line courses to earn college credit.  Learning doesn’t take a break for our students!

Put in Bay School GraduationGraduation last month was a memorable one.  We would like to thank the staff at the Perry Victory and International Peace Memorial for providing the beautiful venue for this event.  We would also like to thank guest speaker Mary McCann and our scholarship donors for providing over $31,000 in local scholarships for our graduates.  The following is a list of scholarships each of our graduates received:

Tatyana Kowalski    Ricky Dysert Scholarship

Acorn Sportsman Club Scholarship

Mayor John W. Blatt Scholarship

Earl Johnson Scholarship

Browns Backers Scholarship

Perry Group Scholarship

Lonz Foundation Scholarship

Gwena Market     Mayor’s Scholarship

Fitzgerald Family Scholarship

Heineman Scholarship

Erin Urge             Cameo Pizza Scholarship

Genoa Bank Scholarship

Jack Matia Scholarship

Jeffery Verhoff Scholarship

Market Family Scholarship

Lee Miller Scholarship

Justin Wilhelm   Browns Backers Scholarship

Harlan/Rohrbacher Scholarship

Long-time-teacher Ms. Jane Market retired this year and plans to pursue other adventures, which include working at The Country House.  We will miss Jane’s positive impact she had on each child. She took pride in her job and it showed.   Good luck Jane and enjoy your new endeavors!

Summer is a time for completing a long “to-do” list of maintenance projects.  That list includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Install a water fountain just outside the kitchen
  • Wax all tile floors
  • Shampoo all carpets
  • Power wash building, clean all windows, clear all downspouts
  • Install a new chemical cabinet in the science room
  • Repair damaged lockers
  • Replace stained ceiling tiles
  • Inspect playground equipment and add playground mulch
  • Paint lines on basketball court and parking lot

Please mark your calendar with the scheduled vacation days this coming year.  Notice that we scheduled a week for Spring Break and we get out of school before Memorial Day.  In addition, the school day will be lengthened by six minutes.  Elementary students will be dismissed from school at 3:16 instead of 3:10 and high school will end at 3:21 instead of 3:15.

  • September 1 – 3 (Labor Day)
  • October 20 – 22 (Appointment Day)
  • November 21 – 25 (Thanksgiving)
  • December 22 – January 2 (Christmas Break)
  • February 23 – March 3 (Winter Break)
  • April 20 – April 28 (Spring Break)
  • Thursday, May 23  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
  • Friday, May 24 6:30pm   GRADUATION