Tourists, Law Enforcement Arrive by Boatloads

Law enforcement Put in Bay

USCG delivers Highway Patrol / photo by Tom Parrot

Golf carts and humans filled every corner of Put-in-Bay Village on Saturday.  To assist the Put-in-Bay Police Department in crowd control, state and federal law enforcement officers arrived on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Put in Bay crowds

Boardwalk parking was filled beyond capacity.

“Christmas in July” is no longer an officially sanctioned event at Put-in-Bay–although some businesses still encourage attention to the faux holiday.  Nonetheless, droves of visitors arrived on the Jet Express and Miller Ferry to partake of South Bass Island’s offerings.   Many of the visitors were members of a special tour group organized in Detroit, Michigan, by Tamika Williams.  The Chamber of Commerce previously (2017) requested that Ms. Williams spread tour participants out over several weeks in order for the island infrastructure to accommodate visitors.

During the 9 July 2018 Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce Meeting, it was reported that a strong visual police presence should reduce issues generated by overcrowding.   Put-in-Bay Police Chief Steve Riddle announced at the meeting that Highway Patrol and Homeland Security would be present.  Perry’s Monument Superintendent Barbara Fearon indicated federal officers would be on monument grounds.  Police radio monitoring on Friday night revealed incidents involving public urination, marijuana possession, head-on automobile crash (LifeFlight called), disorderly conduct, and combative subjects in police custody.

16 thoughts on “Tourists, Law Enforcement Arrive by Boatloads

  1. Jean

    I will never go back, this was not the island I remember! How sad that people would be so disrespectful. The place was trashed, smelled like urine.

  2. Mrs. Edwards

    My first time going to Put-in-Bay and I had a ball! I didn’t see any fighting and no disrespect! However there was a lot of prejudice towards African Americans! I didn’t see the white men upset when the black women were dancing with them! Also, if you didn’t go how can you react from a couple of videos? We’re going back next year and for the entire weekend!

  3. Tasha

    All of these people are grown.. Tamika did not force them to behave the way they did she was not a chaperone.. Stop attacking her.. Far as the everything else the trip was what YOU made it… Hw can she refund you for a trip you attended.. I lost items too… I had a great time.. The trip was set to end at 9pm not be back by 9pm… Y’all expectations are too high for 50 dollars…

  4. Monica eskew

    Tamika will is a fake. She promote trip and than don’t have them. She got us for 950. Block us and won’t give us our money back. For myrtle beach last year. She need to be stop

  5. Marlon

    We had a ball it was a bit over crowded but all in all we had a great time I probably come back on a less crowded day next time

  6. Michell Abney

    To everyone on here that is waiting on Tamika William from Let’s Travel the World to reply or refund you money….smh don’t wait on it. After she took $2,400 from me and my sisters and my mom for Myrtle Beach trip from last September she have blocked us from all social media blocked our phone numbers so we are in the process of trying to sue her to get our money back. She also got my friend for $1,100 for the same trip and she is not returned any phone calls or anything. She’s very unprofessional and at this point I feel like she should shut down her organization because she is a poor business woman and very rude.

  7. Randy

    This weekend’s trip for our wedding party was absolutely the worst trip ever. As soon as we bored the ferry to visit the island we instantly questioned our entire trip and eventually regretted it. Never have we seen multiple fights at the same time, in the same vicinity, public urination, vomiting, drug use, vulgar dialogue and indecency, inappropriate dress and sooo much more. We witnessed endless loitering, trash everywhere, wreckless driving of golf carts with several crashes, an act of arson. Police and facility staff doing nothing about clear violations of policy and law affecting the safety of visitors. I doubt I will ever return and will tell others to avoid it like the plague on society it appears to have been during our visit.

  8. trey drier

    My family left the island after verbal abuse by several who came in only to ruin our beautiful island for a weekend romp. Ms. William’s please stop the promotion. Many are good law abiding visitors but unfortunately a large percentage come only to disrupt a fun quaint village ill prepare for a weekend rampage of revelers.

  9. Seminka

    It was overwhelming for a 1st timer it was not what I expected. I came on the bus with Tamika and going and coming was a horrible experience it was unorganized there was fights. I didnt get home until almost most 1am because people were retained for fighting on the island when her flyer said we would be back by 9pm. She has since took down the event from Facebook because she knew there would be backlash. I text and put on the event because I lost glasses on bus with no response . I would like my money $100 back also and I am sure there are others.

  10. Idella Thompson

    Tamika Williams – Please consider taking your crowd to Belle Isle next year. Shameful activity. Thank you.

  11. I would love for Ms. Williams would reply back to my text and refund my money for the disorganized trip that was planned.

  12. Tamika Williams

    I love the island I encourage people to follow the laws and enjoy the fun the right way without causing an disturbance
    Thanks for sending me the material to pass out
    To my guest. I appreciate your efforts to
    Providing us with information

  13. Sally

    Too bad for this behavior, it is ruining the fun times we have become accustomed to! It’s very sad!

  14. Carl

    Xmas in July was advertised on Fox8 Cleveland web siie as a promoted event. Someone from chamber of commerce should correct them. Guess every little bit can help.

    Put-in-Bay Christmas in July

    Put-in-Bay Island, near Sandusky

    This weekend is the biggest weekend of the year at Put-in-Bay Island; and it’s filled with lots of cheer! The island is decked out in decorations and many restaurants serve holiday themed drinks.

    More information on the participating restaurants and hotels can be found on Put-in-Bay’s website.

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