Miller Boat Line Clarifies Week’s Expectations

Miller Boat LineMiller Boat Line 27 August 2018 update for the coming week:

1) Yes, it will be a busier than normal week for Miller Boat Line with the “Bash on the Bay” concert on Thursday. This is of course on top of our normal traffic and the regular purveyor trucks delivering to the island for the Holiday weekend.

2) I expect vehicle traffic to be especially busy coming to Put-in-Bay on Tuesday and even more so on Wednesday & Thursday morning. On Thursday, Miller Boat Line will limit the amount of vehicles inbound to the island in order to accommodate passengers who are coming over for the concert.

3) Parking will be at a premium on the mainland, so we strongly suggest car pooling or giving yourself a little extra time when arriving at Catawba.

4) At the conclusion of the concert at 10pm on Thursday evening, Miller Boat Line will have 3 vessels ready to transport passengers returning to the mainland. This will allow us to have a ferry departure approximately every 20 minutes until midnight that evening. The LAST passenger ferry to the mainland will depart at midnight. After that, we begin the task of transporting all vehicles/semis/trucks/law enforcement/food vendors off the island. NO private/personal vehicles will be transported off the island until 6am Friday or until all the concert and associated vehicles are gone.

5) Additional lighting and porta-potties will be located at both Lime Kiln and Catawba docks.

6) There will be a large presence of law enforcement at both docks and surrounding areas to help facilitate vehicle and passenger flow.

7) The best advice I can give everyone is to give yourself a little extra time when traveling. Miller Boat Line crews will be do their best to accommodate everyone in the most timely fashion possible. Plan ahead and pray for good weather! Thank you from all the staff at MBL!

–Captain Billy Market

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